1. The committee accept no liability for any injury to person, horse, or spectator, or any damage to the property of riders or spectators however caused, whether it be by negligence or otherwise. It is up to participants and spectators to make their own insurance arrangements. Non members must have public liability insurance.

2. Riding hats must be worn, without exception, whenever riders are mounted on horses or ponies. Riding hats and skull caps must be to current standard: Correct riding attire must be worn.

3. Age limits to be taken as at 1 January each year. Birth certificates to be produced on request.

4. The committee reserves the right to alter the sequence of events or change, cancel, add or alter any events as may be deemed necessary to suit the programme on the show day.

5. All competitors will be judged in accordance with the rules set out by the national governing body for that particular discipline where possible or applicable. In all competitions, the judge’s decision is final.

6. Any person judged by the Committee to be guilty of unseemly behaviour, conduct or cruelty will be disqualified from the event or dismissed from the show ground.

7. Members must produce their Membership Cards for the current year when entering all classes.

8. Entry fees will not be refunded unless the horse or pony is judged unsound by a veterinary surgeon or judge.

9. No horse or pony under 4 years of age will be allowed to compete, except in “in-hand” classes.

10. Objections should be put in writing and handed to the secretary within half-an-hour of the objection being raised, together with a deposit of £20.00 to be forfeited if the objection is over-ruled.

11. Whilst the committee hopes that riders will compete in a wide range of events, it may not be possible to hold up an event whilst a rider is engaged in another class. Competitors are therefore requested to carefully consider whether it is possible to take part in 2 classes with times that may clash.

12. Trophies are awarded to the highest placed member. Winners of cups and trophies must sign for the trophy and undertake to return them clean and undamaged by the date stated.

13. Leading rein classes. Minimum age 4 years as at 1st January. Riders competing in any such class can only compete in other leading rein classes except the first ridden pony and Tiny Tots best rider class. Likewise any person competing in non-leading rein classes cannot enter a leading rein class. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

14. Horses or ponies may compete in more than THREE jumping classes on any day as long as deemed fit to do so.

15. No galloping or cantering unless in a collecting or judging ring.

16. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any horse /pony or competitor

17. Do not muck out your horsebox or trailer on the showground. Please take all of your litter home with you and leave the showground as you expect to find it.

18. All competitors will be deemed to have read and accepted these rules, the showing guidelines and other information in the schedule as a condition of their participation in the show.

19. Alvechurch Riding club takes no responsibility for any children under the age of 16. They must be accompanied by a guardian/ parent at all times on the show field and MUST be wearing a correctly fitted BS riding hat (see above) at all times when mounted.

20. Dogs must NOT be left unattended in cars